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Welcome to Pure Dent Removal IOW

Paint less dent removal service on the Isle of Wight. Where we restore your car dents to factory finish with no paintwork or filler work required.

Pure Dent Removal trained technician steve staff

  • We offer a free estimate and quick service at competitive prices to trade or retail.
  • We remove dents from super mini’s to super cars.
  • Speedy repair, so no loss of your vehicle for days on end.
  • No filler in the panel, so if its hit again it wont crack.
  • No respray so no risk of a bad colour match.

What is paint less dent removal?

Paint less dent removal is a skilled technique/process in which a dent technician is trained to restore your dented panel back to factory.

We use specially shaped metal bars with different material tips to slowly and gently massage the panel from the inside and push the dent out. If access to the inside of the panel is not possible, we have another process in which we use strong glue to stick down plastic tabs. Which we can connect a weighted hammer in which we use the weight to pull out the dent from the outside.

The only disadvantage to this process is that if the car has had a poor paint job the glue is strong enough to pull the paint off.